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Customer Experience
Management - CEM Specialist

A personalized customer
experience management approach

Humania BPO specializes in the outsourcing of
customer care and administrative support services or BPO.
As CEM specialists, we help businesses offer the
next-generation of customer experience management.

We stand out with the help of a completely
personalized approach that meets the needs of our clients.

Moving towards an Authentic Digital
Customer Experience Management

Humania BPO wants to offer the best possible service
to their clients, which is why they pay close attention
to external developments and innovations.

We help our clients maintain a human customer experience
management approach while using the latest technologies.

Local and offshore customer experience management

Our mission is to help companies optimize their customer experience management by using a radically distinctive and differentiating approach.

As a result, we are committed to proposing outsourcing services that are simultaneously local and offshore. Our services provide financial and operational benefits while maintaining a level of quality that meets our clients’ expectations.

We follow up by implementing a turnkey solution steered locally by Humania BPO's CSM (Client Success Manager) to manage the local and offshore sites.

Advantages of the Humania BPO model

Lower costs
Lower costs
Local management with all the benefits of offshoring
Local management with all the benefits of offshoring
24/7 production with operational redundancy
24/7 production with operational redundancy
International business best practices for better local management
International business best practices for better local management
Centralized international recruitment strategy
Centralized international recruitment strategy

Our CEM proposal

To satisfy our customers and meet their needs, we offer many services in all time zones all over the world. Our services are managed by a single expert, the Client Success Manager (CSM) and are offered in French+ and multilingual, based on North American standards.

We help companies improve their local services by giving them access to our international operational resources and expertise.

We can also help conventional multichannel customer contact centers switch to an increasingly digital strategy (text, chat, bots, email, social media, etc.).

Our clients

We further our clients’ success and meet their needs by:

  • Communicating with their French-speaking customers at any time
  • Digitally transforming their customer care
  • Locally managing their offshored customer care services
  • Positioning them with a new business model
  • Automating and optimizing their administrative support services and operational processes
  • Using our international operational expertise and resources to develop a local competitive advantage
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