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Humania BPO is a Canadian company specializing in customer experience management and outsourcing with offices in North America (Canada), Europe (France) and Africa (Morocco and Madagascar). It offers unparalleled expertise throughout the French-speaking world by leveraging the experience of its consultants and its knowledge of the North American market.

Call center management, outsourcing administrative support services, strategic and tactical customer experience consulting, operational optimization: Humania BPO supports companies of various sizes in different sectors with integrated customer experience management services.

Humania BPO strives to help clients master their customer experience management. Humania BPO’s unique turnkey services are designed to be adapted to each client with made-to-measure follow-up strategies and consulting services at every step of the customer support process.

Humania BPO's added value is threefold:

  • Tailored customer experience management.
  • Human-centered customer experience.
  • Ongoing consultation throughout the process.

Customer experience management is central to all businesses nowadays, from start-ups and retail companies with online sales to insurance companies and many others. BPO is everywhere. Humania BPO helps companies learn to adapt customer experience in their own way, at their own pace and in line with their needs, in various markets and in any time zone.

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