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French+ services in all time zones.

As a leader in French+ services, we offer our clients high-quality written and oral French-language services.

A tailored service

Furthermore, Humania BPO offers tailored support services in several languages while maintaining a French foundation.

You therefore have different solutions to choose from:

  • French + English,
  • French + Spanish,
  • French + German,
  • Etc.

Our French-language operational management team has more than 10 years of experience and uses French as the lingua franca for all our translation services. This means we can guarantee the same standard of operational quality and disciplined management, regardless of our clients’ countries of operations.

24/7 responsiveness

We understand that responding quickly to customers is a major challenge for companies and their client relations.

To address this, our clients benefit from French-speaking and multilingual services managed across all time zones, so they can respond to their customers 24/7.

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