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Local and offshore outsourcing

A management strategy that is simultaneously local and offshored.

Our mission is to help companies optimize their customer experience management by using a radically distinctive and differentiating approach. We are committed to providing an at once local and offshore outsourcing strategy. This approach provides financial and operational benefits while maintaining a level of quality that meets our clients’ expectations. We follow up by implementing a turnkey solution steered locally by Humania BPO's CSM (Client Success Manager) to manage the local and offshore sites.

The client success manager

The CSM designs customized ecosystems based on client-defined criteria (needs, challenges, processes, strategies, etc.) and the expectations of their customers.

As the primary contact person, the CSM is indispensable for maintaining a continuous follow-up: interpretation of operational results, implementation of a reporting dashboard, and the analysis of KPIs.

In addition, the CSM's role is to remain up-to-date on business and technological best practices in order to continually improve the quality of our clients’ services.

Advantages of the Humania BPO model

You will gain numerous advantages when choosing the Humania BPO model including:

  • Lower costs
  • Local management with all the benefits of offshoring
  • Best international business practices to better manage locally
  • 24/7 production with operational redundancy
  • Centralized international recruitment strategy

Our centralized operational management team uses advanced processes and technologies to ensure high-quality hiring results at all levels, regardless of region.

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